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The Company

The family Sgarzi has been growing vines and producing wines for many generations in Castel San Pietro Terme, a city located on the “Wine Route” a gastronomical itinerary, among plain and hill, at the point where Emilia becomes Romagna, a region where the vine has been cultivated from the most ancient times. The first recognitions date back to 1933, when the current owner's grandfather, Luigi Sgarzi, had a small winery and delivered wines to the famous inns of Bologna, in oak barrels on horses carriages. From those early time, Cantine Sgarzi Luigi has always considered the genuineness as the most important goal and it has continued to invest in the estate and in the winery by combining traditional viniculture with modern technologies, not only to promote the product of its own vineyards, but also with the winning insight to deliver the best Italian wines in the world. Year by year, Cantine Sgarzi Luigi has developed an important export volume till to evolve into a sizable company who presently sells in more than 80 countries.

Cantine Sgarzi Luigi srl - Via Bernarda, 1650 - 40024 Castel S. Pietro Terme (BO) Italy
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Iscr. Reg. Impr. BO 03046100370 - Cap. Soc. € 2.500.000,00 i.v.
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