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The Quality System

Cantine Sgarzi Luigi confirms and further reinforces the commitment to provide the most extensive guarantees on the quality of its products to customers .

Every single activity of the company is managed by procedures, in particular those concerning production, to allow at any time, a total traceability and control, from the vineyards to the end product. The selection and evaluation of each supplier is measured on its ability to provide products and services that comply with the company quality requirements. All products are subject to a strict sanitary control by the company laboratory before their introduction into the production cycle. The accuracy of the analytical results of the laboratory is ensured by a permanent confrontation with other external laboratories, certified internationally.

The company's policy is both addressed to customer satisfaction, sustainability and environmental responsibility and ethical in respect to internal staff and follows international standards designed to ensure safe products, in complying with contractual and statutory requirements.

All the efforts made to enhance the culture of quality in the company have been recognized by customers who have shown a high degree of loyalty in renewing their orders. The quality of our wines has been also rewarded by numerous prizes by the major international wine competitions.

The company is proud to have the following certifications:
- ISO 9001
- ISO 14001

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